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Borås Camping is just north of the city centre. A stone’s throw from the campgrounds are: Borås Zoo, Upzone adventure park, Alidebergsbadet swimming centre and Tropikhuset tropical centre. 500 metres north of Borås Arena, Knalleland shopping centre, the ice skating rink, tennis courts etc.

DIRECTIONS If you are arriving by car from the south/east/west:
Take road 42 towards Trollhättan when you arrive to Borås. Follow the Knalleland sign. After passing Knalleland and Borås Arena, take the third exit off the roundabout. The zoo is to the right, the campgrounds are to the left. Sign: Saltemad.

DIRECTIONS If you are arriving from the north on road 42,
Borås Camping is on the way towards downtown Borås. You will come down a hill from the new road 42. At the second roundabout, take the first exit (right). The zoo is to the left from the roundabout. The campgrounds are to the right. Sign: Saltemad.

If you are arriving by bus/train to the Knalleland stop
If your train stops at Knalleland, choose this stop. Walk about 800 m to the campgrounds. Walk through the Knalleland shopping centre to the arterial road. Follow it north. At the roundabout, cross the street. Follow Campinggatan to its conclusion and you have arrived.

If you are arriving by bus/train to Resecentrum/Södra Torget
Take bus no. 1 towards Sjöbo. Ride through Knalleland. Get off at the Erikslund stop.
Ask the driver which is the right stop if you are uncertain. From the stop, walk towards the roundabout. Cross the arterial road, follow Campinggatan to its conclusion and you have arrived.

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GPS coordinates

N 57. 93883

E 012,93153

57°44’20.6″N 12°55’57.3″E

57°44.344’N 12°55.955’E

WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
57.739063, 12.932582

6405219, 1328930

6401538, 376920