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Borås camping applies the following rules of order for everyone’s comfort


1. Notification of check-in always takes place at the reception. See website for current opening hours. Payment must be approved. Registration sheets should be completed upon request. It must be possible to show identification.

Check out

1. For check-out please check your confirmation with stated times. You must leave all keys upon departure. Lost keys will be charged.

2. Cottages, campsites and hostels must be left clean, with clean dishes and all things in place according to the set list. Untidy cottage & hostel is charged afterwards with SEK 1500. Cleaning can otherwise be purchased in advance.

3. Destroyed or missing accessories in the cabin will be invoiced. All damage must be reported to the reception.

General rules

1.Respect guests and staff, show consideration for everyone. Instructions from staff must be followed. Staff and other guests should be treated with kindness.

2. Show consideration for others by keeping a subdued level, silence between 23:00 – 07:00

3. All caravans/motorhomes must be backed into the plots, with possible pulling out towards the booked street. There should be 4 meters between the vehicles. Incorrect parking must be corrected at the request of the campsite. Campsites are allowed to stand caravans, motorhomes and tents – as long as they meet the distance requirements.

4.Take care of buildings etc. and other land areas within the camping area. Games with football take place in places where there is no risk of meeting and disturbing others.

5.Borås Camping is a family campsite with an age limit of 20 years. The age limit does not apply to families where at least one parent lives at the campsite. As well as groups where at least 2 leaders are over 20 years old.

  1. . Borås Camping is a tourist facility and it is therefore not allowed to use the campsite for accommodation of another nature, e.g. permanent accommodation or to register at the facility.
  1. Dogs and cats are warmly welcome. Should be kept on a leash in the area and feces picked up.
  1. Ensure that LPG and electricity equipment are tested and approved according to current regulations.
  1. In case of fire: Rescue – Warn – Alarm – Extinguish. Rescue people in danger, warn the surroundings and alert the emergency services on 112. Try to extinguish if you have extinguishers, but do not take unnecessary risks. Gather at the marked collection point.

Camping & Cottages

2. One vehicle per pitch/cabin. Visitors must park their vehicles in the designated parking space.

3. Own fixed devices at tents/caravans/motorhomes, e.g. plantings, wooden decks and, fenced around tents/caravans/motorhomes are not permitted.

4. All tent equipment of normal type and size may be used. However, it is not allowed to set up so-called tent houses of a permanent nature.

5. Washing of car/caravan/motorhome is not allowed in the camping area.

6. Electricity may only be taken from the designated place.

7. Any change of venue must be approved by the reception before a change takes place.

Nature &; Service Buildings

1. We are an environmentally friendly campsite. Waste is sorted in our environmental houses. Use the vessels indicated.

2. Waste water shall be stored in closed receptacles and may only be discharged into the tee slope of the service building. Alternatively, the latrine emptying.

3. Barbecuing on the campsite should be in a grill, make sure it is a bit above the ground to avoid fire. Do not grill in the pre/house tent.

4. On hot days/periods – follow the County Administrative Board’s reference to a fire ban

5.Never leave the grill unattended. Be careful and see where the nearest fire extinguisher is, see also red markings on the map. Feel free to grill at our barbecue areas.


  1. The campsite host or staff are not responsible for damage to or loss of camping guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, materials or other guests’ possessions can be made liable for compensation under applicable law.


2. Camping guests do not have the right to sublet or rent/sell out a campsite/cabin. You may not allow more people to stay overnight in the cottage/camping site than you stated when booking.

3. Camping guests may not let other guests into buildings on the campsite. Camping guests are not allowed to let in non-checked guests in the camping area.

4. Alcohol may not be consumed in our common buildings.

5. Smoking is prohibited in all cabins and common areas of the campsite. If the smoking and/or pet ban is not respected, a clean-up fee of at least SEK 3,500 will be charged.

6. Open fire on land is completely prohibited.

7. Any form of littering, e.g. throwing away paper, waste, bottles, cans, etc. is prohibited.

8. Firecrackers and fireworks are prohibited within the camping area.


1. If the rules of conduct are not respected, the campsite’s staff may take action. Likewise, if someone behaves aggressively/threateningly towards guests/staff. Staff, the campsite’s management, security guard or police can turn away the guest with immediate effect in cases where they deem the violations to be serious. The customer is then not entitled to recover any part of the rental amount.

2. If the camping guest does not leave the campsite after a request from staff, camping management, security guard or police, Borås Camping has the right to charge the camping guest with all the costs that arise due to eviction.

3. Camping staff (or someone appointed by them) has the right to move the guest’s belongings, caravan and car from the site at Borås camping in case of eviction. Borås Camping or the person moving has no obligation to bear any damage that may be caused by eviction and transfer.

4. It is strictly forbidden to let other guests into the area Visitors must be notified at the reception.

We hope that everyone will have a pleasant and safe stay with us, A warm welcome to us!