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Hen/Stag party

We can help with your party!
How about a pentathlon with games like rock the mammoth, canoe trace and tug-of-war?
Read more about our pentathlon below.

Whether you are staying on the campgrounds or nearby, you are welcome to visit us for an unforgettable day. Come enjoy a wonderful activity and time together, paired with delicious food. We will tailor the activities to suit your wishes and the number of participants. Activities could include canoeing, mini golf, and a pentathlon (read more about the pentathlon below).

Afterwards, you can opt to book a soothing sauna session, and then shower and relax. The sauna seats 6 to 7 people, and the changing room outside has room for more. One shower and one toilet. SEK 250 total for 1.5 hours.

We will organize a barbecue night, with access to a grill and an area to occupy. You will get a barbecue kit with charcoal, lighter fluid and a tray of food according to your wishes.

We also have a party venue to rent if you would prefer to be inside, and you may serve food there. Renting the venue includes access to the service building, which has a kitchen, showers and toilets. So if you want to cook food yourself, that option is available.

Accommodation is available for the entire party. Book a cabin, bring your caravan or check in to the hostel. You are welcome to contact us for more information.


We have 15 different events to choose from, and you get to choose in advance which five events you would like to do.

The events are:

Rock the mammoth

Disc golf

Canoe race


Dinosaur toss



Mini golf

Feed the dinosaur

Hammer nails into a board 

Nuts and bolts 

Watch out for the wall 

Water chain

Longest strip

Pedal boat race

Staff will be on site to direct the entire pentathlon.

It takes about 1.5–2 hours, depending on the number of people and which events you choose.

The winning team gets a medal.